Health is A Very Important Factor When Performing a Hajj, This Is How to Maintain Your Health

Maintaining health during Hajj is very important. Even if you take the most expensive hajj packages 2018, but if you are unable to take care of each other, then the Hajj will be in vain. That is why the Hajj requires very good preparation. Especially for some countries that have to queue for years to get the Hajj quota, so an average pilgrim is an elderly person. Moreover, the weather in Mecca may be different in your country, so you have to take extra care of your health so that worship can be run with focus. We will provide some tips to help you maintain health during the Hajj:

– Maintain cleanliness
Cleanliness is the first important thing that must be prioritized by every pilgrim. By maintaining cleanliness, pilgrims will be prevented from transmitting germs. Especially in the holy land, we will often jostle with other worshipers, who may carry germs. Try to bathe regularly, wash your hands with soap, and try to keep your mouth and teeth clean. Do not store trash in hotel rooms, because it will be a hotbed of disease, throwing garbage outside the room, usually a special trash can is provided, so the room is free from potential germs.

– Be careful when eating
During the pilgrimage, many pilgrims are often affected by diarrhea. One of the causes is eating wrong. Always check the condition of the food to be eaten first, because sometimes worshipers are busy with worship, so forget that the food they eat is not fresh or clean. Ask your doctor immediately if you experience pain. Do not be postponed until tomorrow, because your time in the holy land is limited, it is unfortunate if your time is wasted because you cannot worship in the holy mosque or Nabawi mosque.

– Always use a mask
Always provide a mask in your small bag, because masks are highly recommended to maintain the health of pilgrims during the pilgrimage. In addition to avoiding dust that enters the mouth, the mask also serves to keep you from the possibility of contracting the disease because of touch with other worshipers.

The excellent preparation tips before visiting a job fair

The day before the job fair, try to check all the documents that you want to bring. Starting from the cover letter, resume, diploma, certificate, ID card, photo, and other supporting documents. Make sure everything is complete. Apart from that, visit if you look for one of the finest places to work in the UK.

Arrange your documents neatly. In order not to fall apart, attach the clip and put it in the folder. That way, later in the location you don’t need to be confused anymore to arrange it. Just put the proposal aside.

One more thing, don’t bring dirty files! That will create a bad impression for you.

Keep your body stamina as good as possible

The next point that is no less important, you must protect your stamina! Usually, the job fair is very crowded.

With so many contributing companies, there are also many applicants. Even usually until long queued. Of course, it makes the atmosphere become hot and tired.

Therefore, you must prepare stamina well. Make sure you eat enough food to add energy and don’t forget to rest.

Use The Pulse Without Wasting Your Money

Credit top up for cell phones can make you waste money without you knowing it. Especially if you do it at the end of the month. Even though only Rp. 100,000 or Rp. 50,000 is spent, that is still an expense. Even though some of you get telecommunication benefit facilities, there are still many who concede and over budget about this one thing. Do you wonder how give you the chance to buy more pulse from the money you get with pulse converter? This means that you can convert the pulse you have into money and use it to buy the more pulse in the case you need more pulse.

The obligation to top up the credit is not only valid for the phone, of course, but also to buy Internet quota. Yes, nowadays everything is really connected to the Internet. With the embedded search engine and social media features in mobile applications, the higher the dependence of people on mobile phones. Likewise with internet data quota.

Don’t let the top up business make you waste money, yeah guys. Here’s a smart way to save credit and internet data quota:

1. Take advantage of wifi wherever you are

Almost all public places in Jakarta, such as restaurants, cafes, hospitals, even buses have wifi. As much as possible, use wifi if you want to browse, update applications, or play social media like Facebook, Path, or Instagram. Use Internet data quota on your cell phone only for urgent purposes. Suppose you have to send an email when you are on the road or use a map as a direction.

Furthermore, deactivate the automatic update feature on your mobile, so it doesn’t miss. This is often forgotten by many people, and as a result internet quota is sold out quickly.

2. Have a cell phone with dual sim card facility? Take good advantage!

Today, many phones have dual sim card facilities. Well, for those who have a cellphone model like this, use it. Buy a sim card with two different functions. One for the telephone, and one for browsing and instant messaging. The advantage is that your expenses for top-up reloads are more controlled. Maybe the contents of the pulses won’t wait for the quota to run out, but more when the package has to be extended. The remaining credit and quota can be accumulated, of course.

This is the Right Guide to Choosing Paint Colors for Family Rooms

In every room in your house, you really have to choose the color of paint that suits the type of room. however, never forget that the painting process must also be done well. You can use the services to get the right painting process.

The family room includes a room that must use the right paint color. There are several paint colors that can be chosen for the room, but you also need to follow this guide. In addition to the living room paint color, the same thing applies to the family room. The choice of bright colors for the family room, like the color of the living room paint, will give the impression of warm, intimate, and intimate when gathering with family. Excessive use of white will give the impression of cold, stiff, and distant. Besides that, gray will give a boring impression.

Here Are Some General Equipment You Must Bring For Camping Or Hiking

There are many people who do choose to do activities in nature, such as camping or hiking. To do these two activities, you are indeed required to prepare them very carefully. One of the places you can visit for this activity is Mols Bjerge naturpark.

However, always make sure that all your preparations are very good and right. In order for camping to work successfully, bring a high-quality tent. When choosing a tent, look at the size, not the color and style. Choose a tent that has rainfly. Also bring special tent cloth, to prevent water from entering the tent.
Common equipment commonly used when hiking or camping is bottled water, first aid kit, flashlight, extra batteries, gas lighters, and some zip lock bags. If you have plans to cook in a tent camp, don’t forget to bring a knife, spoon, plate, kettle, saucepan, and a few broken cups. Also bring a bottle opener, tape, and rope. Compass and signal mirrors are also needed when on a mountain.

These Two Parts Of Air Conditioner Must Always Be Clean

When you use the air conditioner, you also need to know the best way to be able to treat it. Caring for the air conditioner will make it last a long time. Visit for cleaning the air conditioner that is part of the maintenance of the tool. Cleanliness of air conditioner parts must always be done.


If you want to get an air conditioner that lasts for 10 years, then some parts of this air conditioner must always be cleaned.

1. Clean the air conditioner filter
Clean the air conditioner filter within 1-2 months. In fact, when you consider that the filter is too dirty, you can replace it with a new one. Dust on the filter will prevent the air from entering and causing the air conditioner’s performance to be disrupted.

2. Clean the air conditioner coil
In addition to filters, one part that must not be forgotten to be cleaned is the air conditioner coil. Dust that accumulates on the coil will prevent it from absorbing heat.

These Three Tools On Instagram Can Help Marketing Your Business


There are many people who really want to open their own business. However, not everyone wants to run the right training so that the business can run well and develop smoothly. NLP training London can help you to get the right training so that the business you develop can grow rapidly.

In the present, having a business and promoting it is easy, because there are many social media that you can use as the right marketing media. One of the social media that you can use is Instagram. There, there are various tools that you can use to market your business. Some tools that you can use are

– social shop
Social Shop is one tool that can be used to simplify your sales. This tool allows you to manage the store where this tool will combine the store Instagram account with the website. This is certainly very helpful considering the number of consumers who often ask for prices and stock items.
With the help of this tool, consumers can check their own prices and stock items. You can try this tool for free in the first 1 month and then have to pay an extension fee of US $ 49 per month.

– Iconsquare
Besides the Social Shop, you are also recommended to use iconsquare. Q.
This tool allows to update information about accounts such as number of followers and popularity. That way, you can monitor the progress of the account. Unlike the social shop, the free iconsquare version is only 14 days, after which you are charged operational costs. There are three categories that you can choose according to your needs.

– Like2Buy
The third tool that you can try is Like2Buy. This tool works the same way as a social shop where customers can browse merchandise and when they feel interested in buying, they can immediately place an order on the store’s Instagram account. For those who are not yet familiar with this tool, there is no need to worry. This tool provides a demo that you can use as a guide to using it.

How Hiring Storage Unit Benefits You

Perhaps, you need self-storage at some points in your lives, whether you are moving home or just need a place for your precious art. In general, the storage facility is for everyone. The following are the possible benefits you can get when choosing the right service by also considering storage price.

1. Access controlled entry

Well, which turns into their own key for entering the introduce. You can think about the office, where our entrance and leave times are electronically recorded for the future reference.

2. No need to pay more when in the need of extra space

Doing the inspection and check the whole area of the storage facility can help you get the right sized unit that fits your need. If you already hire the facility but still need extra space, the chance is you should choose another one or turn to the bigger and larger storage unit that can provide the space as your belongings require. Ask the manager whether they offer transfer service when the space of your selected unit is too small.

3. Free trolleys to use

Instead of moving your items using manpower, you may have more reasons to benefit from an available trolley. If the self-storage service company provides trolley, don’t forget to get the chance to use it without paying more cost.

4. The ability to prioritize

When you sort belongings for storage, your choice is about what to store and what to keep in the house will help you see your lifestyle even more clearly. By getting rid out belonging from home, you will be able to determine which type of decoration to choose from easily. Then, you also have the chance to bring back some items that are required to create the different appearance and look of both the decoration and design of your new home.

Do This to Avoid Investment Mistake

In recent years, invest in real estate has become so popular. However, it is better to never choose the investment because of the popular reasons. Before jumping to the investment world, make sure if you can benefit from what you fund (real estate investment). Real estate can make a great investment choice, but it doesn’t always mean that you will get the expected result. The mistakes you make can decrease the resale value of your investment. There are some dangers and usual mistakes that you can make when investing in real estate as well as other investors make, to avoid that, you can visit klik disini.

To be able to avoid even a small mistake, try to enrich your knowledge. Is it time to learn about the property? No, it is not too late since property investment still becomes one of the great investment options. During learning the property investment and its market, don’t only do the research but also ask for the help. You will be with many real estate investors so that is why you must get motivated to know and understand what will become your investment choice (refer to real estate and property).

Furthermore, avoid financial mistakes by knowing your limits. No matter how tempting real estate investment, it would be better to not force yourself to have the expensive real estate building after you know your affordability. Also, don’t forget to overestimate the costs to avoid any surprises later on.

Don’t rush when making the decision! It is important to think about the future of the property. If you think about getting rich quick, real estate investment is not a good way. Plan for the long-term and be ready to invest in real estate. Since cost will contribute to the amount you will get from your investment, beware of the hidden costs.

The advantages of indoor storage units

For some people, storage units are considered as the alternatve to place their excess items which are previously in their house. Those excess items look quite terrible as the number of storage units is abundant so that you cannot take it anymore. Storage units are the favorable solution particulaly to the people that live in the city. While to build a new space certainly requires much cost and you have to wait for it, you can obtain the immediate impact by renting storage units. The strategic option is likely to rent storage units while allocate some money to build a new space.

On the other hand, the other people consider renting storage units as they want the high protection on their goods. Storage units are not merely associated with the way to handle the excess items in the house. There is a specific type of storage unit which is different from another as it is offered for the particular purpose. In example, you may be quite popular with the outdoor storage unit with the relatively low price, indoor storage unit emerges as a typical storage unit which is comprehended with the multiple features. In this case, it is associated with the high level of protection on your goods or documents.

Suppose you think that what you are about to keep inside storage units is quite sensitive to changeable season or other aspects, it is likely to be a strategi option to choose an indoor storage unit. This is capable of keeping your goods or documents safely and properly.

Some service companies of indoor storage units even offer guarantee and insurance for their customers as it is quite risky if you do not consider both of those offers. It is all purposed to deliver the best service to the customers and they must be lucky to work with the companies.

Avoid Two Things That Can Make You Not Grow This

Developing yourself is indeed something that you must always do in life. That way, you can make yourself a better person. Unfortunately, there are still many people who don’t know what they are for and their purpose. So, therapy and healing from will really help those who feel like that, including you.

Apparently, there are some things that can make you not develop, like for example

1. Feeling enough with the knowledge you already have
You feel your journey is far enough and will soon be able to reach all dreams. So that the current knowledge no longer needs to be added. This kind of thinking that can make you fail to step into the last step. You must be able to thirst for knowledge so that you can continue to grow even if you succeed later.

2. Can’t beat laziness
Lazy may be humanity’s biggest enemy. Relaxing and allowing yourself to feel the beauty of life before succeeding will only waste your time in vain.