Four Characteristics of Healthy Hair You Should Have

Who doesn’t want to have healthy hair? Both men and women want to have healthy hair and not easily fall out so that they can apply various types of hairstyles. As stated at, having an attractive hairstyle feels incomplete without healthy hair. The more frequent hairstyles change, the more diligent the hair must be treated. This aims to avoid hair loss.


Then how do the characteristics have healthy hair? We provide the following review:

– Sparkles hair
Luster is caused by the outer layer of the hair shaft reflecting light. The remnants of hair care products on the scalp and hair also block the luster. Therefore, rinse your hair carefully after shampooing.

– Do not tangle when wet
Very dry hair, with a damaged cuticle, will be difficult to comb even though it is wet. This is due to the edge of the cuticle peeling from the hair shaft and causing friction. To overcome this, you can use a special conditioner to treat a damaged cuticle.

– Reacts to moisture
The water content in the air makes the hair that tends to be straight will “fall”. While unhealthy hair will expand when exposed to air humidity. Hair becomes more curly, rough and dull.

– Have a healthy scalp
Healthy hair certainly starts from a healthy scalp. In addition to being clean from other dust and dirt, there is one thing that can be a marker that your hair grows healthy. The healthy scalp of each porch contains three hair shaft. If there is only one hair shaft, there must be a problem. The growth of three strands of hair in one pore will certainly make the hair look thick. Conversely, pores that are only covered with one hair shaft, will make the hair look thin. Imagine if your hair is experiencing loss, of course, there will be lots of empty spots in the pores and scalp. If not treated, over time your head will be bald in several places.

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