These Two Parts Of Air Conditioner Must Always Be Clean

When you use the air conditioner, you also need to know the best way to be able to treat it. Caring for the air conditioner will make it last a long time. Visit for cleaning the air conditioner that is part of the maintenance of the tool. Cleanliness of air conditioner parts must always be done.


If you want to get an air conditioner that lasts for 10 years, then some parts of this air conditioner must always be cleaned.

1. Clean the air conditioner filter
Clean the air conditioner filter within 1-2 months. In fact, when you consider that the filter is too dirty, you can replace it with a new one. Dust on the filter will prevent the air from entering and causing the air conditioner’s performance to be disrupted.

2. Clean the air conditioner coil
In addition to filters, one part that must not be forgotten to be cleaned is the air conditioner coil. Dust that accumulates on the coil will prevent it from absorbing heat.