Use The Pulse Without Wasting Your Money

Credit top up for cell phones can make you waste money without you knowing it. Especially if you do it at the end of the month. Even though only Rp. 100,000 or Rp. 50,000 is spent, that is still an expense. Even though some of you get telecommunication benefit facilities, there are still many who concede and over budget about this one thing. Do you wonder how give you the chance to buy more pulse from the money you get with pulse converter? This means that you can convert the pulse you have into money and use it to buy the more pulse in the case you need more pulse.

The obligation to top up the credit is not only valid for the phone, of course, but also to buy Internet quota. Yes, nowadays everything is really connected to the Internet. With the embedded search engine and social media features in mobile applications, the higher the dependence of people on mobile phones. Likewise with internet data quota.

Don’t let the top up business make you waste money, yeah guys. Here’s a smart way to save credit and internet data quota:

1. Take advantage of wifi wherever you are

Almost all public places in Jakarta, such as restaurants, cafes, hospitals, even buses have wifi. As much as possible, use wifi if you want to browse, update applications, or play social media like Facebook, Path, or Instagram. Use Internet data quota on your cell phone only for urgent purposes. Suppose you have to send an email when you are on the road or use a map as a direction.

Furthermore, deactivate the automatic update feature on your mobile, so it doesn’t miss. This is often forgotten by many people, and as a result internet quota is sold out quickly.

2. Have a cell phone with dual sim card facility? Take good advantage!

Today, many phones have dual sim card facilities. Well, for those who have a cellphone model like this, use it. Buy a sim card with two different functions. One for the telephone, and one for browsing and instant messaging. The advantage is that your expenses for top-up reloads are more controlled. Maybe the contents of the pulses won’t wait for the quota to run out, but more when the package has to be extended. The remaining credit and quota can be accumulated, of course.