Three Types of Bar Stools, One of Them Maybe Will be Your Favorite


Not everyone has a mini bar  at home. Especially for those who have a minimalist home. Though the mini bar can be a solution to the kitchen looks wider. Even so, many have used minibars to save space. The kitchen design that has a mini bar is usually not too colorful. The colors used are natural colors such as chocolate, black, and bright color variations such as white, orange, and others. Minibars have various functions, such as being a dining table, sink, electric stove, and so on. Although minimalist, of course, the right furniture must be filled so that it is not easily damaged while giving a broad impression.

The bar stool is a mini bar pair. This chair is usually higher than the usual chair, offset the height of the bar that is higher than the table in general. The bar stool has a smaller and minimalist shape, so it shows a relaxed impression. For those of you who are looking for furniture to fill a mini bar in your home, we will provide a list of best bar stools for kitchen islands:

– Delta Aluminum Bar Stools
This aluminum bar stool offers a classic European style. The appearance also looks casual by furnishings made from metal, wood or plastic. Delta Aluminum Stool Bar is also equipped with a comfortable backrest. Make it a suitable type of bar stool placed in the kitchen or workspace. Also, add a sofa cushion or cushion to sit more comfortably.

– Pop Bar Stools
Sometimes, some people are not comfortable sitting on a bar stool because of the height that doesn’t fit their body. Now, this one bar chair is different! The Pop Bar Stool has a seat holder supported by an iron rod resembling a screw nail. Simply by playing, you can adjust the height as you wish, according to your height. Besides its beautiful design, the color combination also looks elegant. Your desire to modernize the atmosphere of the house will feel easier.

– Lucy Adjustable High Stools
Lucy Adjustable Height Stool offers bar chair designs that are quite different and unique. Because in addition to the modern value produced from its metallic material, this bar stool looks dynamic by its matting and backrest that resembles plaits.