What to Do When Your iPhone Get Water Exposure

A smartphone that is exposed to water or falls into a puddle is a very annoying thing. How not, as an electronic device, a smartphone exposed to water is almost certainly damaged. For some people, iphonexs repair is not an option but a must because of the number of reason why hiring the professional repair service is something to deal with. However, it turns out there are several ways to prevent damage to the cell phone due to exposure to water.

For your information, there are several steps that can increase the likelihood that your cell phone will survive after being exposed to water. Although it also depends on the condition of the water in the smartphone, it doesn’t hurt to try these steps.

1. Immediately remove it from water and turn it off

When your smartphone falls into a puddle or pond, you should immediately remove the device from that place. This is done to make your smartphone not too long in the water.

After that, make sure the smartphone is turned off. Even though it’s still on after it’s taken, turn off the phone immediately. This can be done by turning it off as usual or immediately removing the battery.

2. Things that should not be done

Before going to the next step, there’s nothing wrong to know some actions that should not be done when your smartphone has just been exposed to water. This step is important to ensure your smartphone is not affected worse.

3. Immediately disassemble and remove parts from the cellphone

When your cell phone is exposed to water, the parts of the device should be removed immediately to avoid wider damage.

4. Use a tissue

After all, components have been removed successfully, you can immediately clean up the remaining water in the device. Keep in mind, the drying process should be done carefully, so as not to damage other components.

5. Use a vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is indeed known as a home cleaning tool, but this device turns out to be used to dry the remaining water on the cellphone. However, keep in mind to do it carefully so as not to damage other components.