How to replace the vape’s cotton so it won’t break or burn


How to replace cotton vape in all RDA and RTA tubes. The most common thing that happens to cotton vapor is cotton that breaks easily. Actually, there are several things that need to be taken care of so that Kaspa doesn’t dry out and breaks up. For the best RDA users, cotton is a very important component because it acts as a place to accommodate liquid. If cotton is dry and broken, this will cause the scent to burn or is often known as burn taste. There are several things that must be avoided so that the cotton that is installed does not break easily. In the meantime, you may also want to check out How to Turn Wax Into e Liquid .

How to make vape cotton not easy to break/burn:

– Cotton that is too dense or too much can block liquid into the coil. This will make the cotton dry easily and burn so it finally breaks up

– Circulation of air that is not smooth on the atomizer can be one of the causes of cotton breaking easily. Because the atomizer part will be easier to heat and the cotton also becomes broken and dry. Therefore, users should be more careful to ensure that the cotton condition is always wet

– The size of the diameter of the coil that is too small cannot accommodate large amounts of cotton. This eventually causes cotton to become durable

– Vapor is sucked too long. This is because the wet cotton in the coil requires time to return to normal after being heated

– Set wattage carelessly. The amount of wattage needs to be carefully regulated because the setting is too high can cause excessive heat and the cotton becomes easily dry and broken

– Not shed liquid. You should not forget to shed liquid on cotton. For those of you who use RDA, you need to be more careful and always add liquid

After learning things that need to be avoided so that the cotton vapor doesn’t break easily, the next step is how to replace the vapor cotton. When replacing cotton vapor, you need a number of supporting tools such as scissors or cutting pliers, tweezers, and new organic cotton. The following are a few steps to replace the vapor cotton