Health is A Very Important Factor When Performing a Hajj, This Is How to Maintain Your Health

Maintaining health during Hajj is very important. Even if you take the most expensive hajj packages 2018, but if you are unable to take care of each other, then the Hajj will be in vain. That is why the Hajj requires very good preparation. Especially for some countries that have to queue for years to get the Hajj quota, so an average pilgrim is an elderly person. Moreover, the weather in Mecca may be different in your country, so you have to take extra care of your health so that worship can be run with focus. We will provide some tips to help you maintain health during the Hajj:

– Maintain cleanliness
Cleanliness is the first important thing that must be prioritized by every pilgrim. By maintaining cleanliness, pilgrims will be prevented from transmitting germs. Especially in the holy land, we will often jostle with other worshipers, who may carry germs. Try to bathe regularly, wash your hands with soap, and try to keep your mouth and teeth clean. Do not store trash in hotel rooms, because it will be a hotbed of disease, throwing garbage outside the room, usually a special trash can is provided, so the room is free from potential germs.

– Be careful when eating
During the pilgrimage, many pilgrims are often affected by diarrhea. One of the causes is eating wrong. Always check the condition of the food to be eaten first, because sometimes worshipers are busy with worship, so forget that the food they eat is not fresh or clean. Ask your doctor immediately if you experience pain. Do not be postponed until tomorrow, because your time in the holy land is limited, it is unfortunate if your time is wasted because you cannot worship in the holy mosque or Nabawi mosque.

– Always use a mask
Always provide a mask in your small bag, because masks are highly recommended to maintain the health of pilgrims during the pilgrimage. In addition to avoiding dust that enters the mouth, the mask also serves to keep you from the possibility of contracting the disease because of touch with other worshipers.