Causes of Concrete Casting Mistakes

Will you go to when you need the repair service for the foundation or concrete? In high-rise buildings, it is often experienced by most experienced and new contractors. This can affect the swelling of ready-mix concrete materials. If in a single floor casting in a particular zone can dispose of 1 cubic concrete, you can imagine how much to pay if one floor consists of several zones and multiplied by the number of floors to be built, of course, it will affect the cost of implementation. This can be prevented or minimized in the following ways:

1. Concrete Calculation Method

To calculate the number of concrete needs, there are 2 calculations that are usually done by the casting executor, which is based on the shop drawing and counting directly in the field. In the execution of casting, we must make calculations both through pictures and the field. A difference in the calculation will be a measure that can be used in ordering ready-mix concrete.

2. Casting Time and Casting Access

Casting time and difficult access for the mixer car in the project can affect the casting error due to delays and disrupt the casting circulation. some time is not right for casting.

3. Equipment Factors

The equipment to be used should have a minimum reserve of 1 piece in order to minimize damage caused by equipment failure. If necessary, a special mechanic for repairing certain equipment such as TC and Concrete Pump must be the standby in the project if any damage can be resolved immediately.

4. Worker Factors

The workers who carry out casting must be trained properly and correctly so that the casting results are as expected. Workers who are not trained, both casters and operators (TC and Concrete Pump) can cause errors in casting operations due to the lack of knowledge possessed by workers. One example is an area that is not supposed to be cast (such as a shaft) and then cast, it will cause a shortage of concrete orders.