The obstacle of memorizing ability

Have you ever been in a brain condition that was burdened with a lot of thoughts? Piling up work, unresolved tasks, not to mention other things that need to be completed at the same time. This condition is commonly called the condition of our brain overloaded, brain conditions that are too burdened or depressed. The brain condition of someone who is in a depressed atmosphere can have a bad effect, namely the failure of the information storage process. This is because, in the process of remembering, someone is entering information from the senses into their short-term memory and then forwarded to long-term memory as a permanent memory. In this process, of course, good concentration is needed. People who are depressed, of course, scatter their concentration, this causes the process of storing information experiencing disruption which in turn disrupts the memory of certain information. For example, people will find it difficult to remember a material from what they learn when they experience stress. In the meantime, you can visit to find a supplement for enhancing your memory.

Other causes that can become obstacles to the recall process are environmental factors. Environmental factors in question can be air pollution from certain substances. For example, lead in gasoline and other sources can damage the intelligence and memory, especially in children. The memory of a child who is in a period of growth can be damaged because of inhaling many of these toxic substances. This pollution can also cause brain nerve development to be disrupted. This is exemplified by the fact that rural Russians who live in a clean environment up to the age of 100 are not senile.

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