These Three Tools On Instagram Can Help Marketing Your Business


There are many people who really want to open their own business. However, not everyone wants to run the right training so that the business can run well and develop smoothly. NLP training London can help you to get the right training so that the business you develop can grow rapidly.

In the present, having a business and promoting it is easy, because there are many social media that you can use as the right marketing media. One of the social media that you can use is Instagram. There, there are various tools that you can use to market your business. Some tools that you can use are

– social shop
Social Shop is one tool that can be used to simplify your sales. This tool allows you to manage the store where this tool will combine the store Instagram account with the website. This is certainly very helpful considering the number of consumers who often ask for prices and stock items.
With the help of this tool, consumers can check their own prices and stock items. You can try this tool for free in the first 1 month and then have to pay an extension fee of US $ 49 per month.

– Iconsquare
Besides the Social Shop, you are also recommended to use iconsquare. Q.
This tool allows to update information about accounts such as number of followers and popularity. That way, you can monitor the progress of the account. Unlike the social shop, the free iconsquare version is only 14 days, after which you are charged operational costs. There are three categories that you can choose according to your needs.

– Like2Buy
The third tool that you can try is Like2Buy. This tool works the same way as a social shop where customers can browse merchandise and when they feel interested in buying, they can immediately place an order on the store’s Instagram account. For those who are not yet familiar with this tool, there is no need to worry. This tool provides a demo that you can use as a guide to using it.

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