This is the reason why plastic surgery is dangerous for people with diabetes

Usually, many people do plastic surgery for a number of reasons, such as beauty or health. If due to health, usually, the insurance will cover the costs you will incur. However, make sure that you do the surgery in the right place, such as Cosmetic Surgery in Washington State.

The next problem is what if the person who will be operated on is someone who has diabetes? Diabetes makes your body have excessive blood sugar due to a kidney that is unable to produce enough insulin. High blood sugar levels can lead to various complications, one of which is a wound that does not heal because the arterial wall hardens and narrows and nerve damage occurs to send pain signals to the brain.

All types of surgery including plastic surgery require an incision. This incision will later become a wound. In healthy people, a simple incision can experience complications. Especially if done in diabetic patients who are more likely to be susceptible to the development of diabetic wounds.

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